11 Basic Points Before Writing Your Own E-Book

1.) Write About Something You Know About - Try to start from a hobby or a business of yours that others would like to know about. If not, then study around what other people are writing about online.

2.) Select Some Popular Topics - Topics like" How To Increase Your Income" are hot cakes these days. Select some other popular one but before you create your product, make sure there is a market for it.

3.) Tips Books Are The Easiest Products To Write - Ya , it's true , tips book is an easiest one for example"50 training tips for dog lovers, "99 profitable businesses to start for less than $500", "21 days to a newer you" etc. You can have one of your choice.

4.) Write Your Sales Letter First - This helps shape your product to be what you want it to be and what you want it to accomplish. It is like building a blueprint first before building the go-cart. List all the benefits and features your e-book is going to deliver.

5.) Get An E-Book Compiler Like Adobe PDF - Try to get an e-book compiler fast. As soon as you will get such a software , you can get excited about the money you can make with it.

6.) Use Digital Pictures To Enhance The Value - If you have a how-to type of book about a trade or a hobby, using your digital camera can greatly enhance your e-book's perceived value and the price. Plus it helps illustrate what your are teaching with the sharp color photos a digital camera can deliver.

7.) Give Your E-Book The Right Title - Just as a killer headline can increase your sales letters PULL, the right title for your book is just as important also for sales. Make that a Red-Hot title!

8.) Don't Over-Sell Your Book - Don't over-promise or over-hype things in your sales letter just to sell your e-book or you may get too many people asking for refunds. It is better to over-deliver instead. Making it way better than they thought it would be will make them amazed.

9.) Find Related Follow Up Products For Your E-Book - Find profitable "related" products or services that you can add to your book for more profits. Your readers will love the added information and you will love the extra sales.

10.) Enhance Your Product - Offer an audio or video to the deal. Just as digital pictures add value to an e-book, so does adding an audio version of it or one or more videos to the package.

11.) Lace Your Products - In time you should have several e-books you are selling online. By adding information about all your other books in the back of each one of them gives you free advertising and extra orders.

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