9 Tips for a Writing A Better Blog

1. Recognize hot stories - Don’t just copy what someone else has written. Give your own commentary on today’s news, then be sure to link back to other people who happen to be writing about the same topic that day.

2. Be Passionate - Write about what you are passionate about. You don’t have to be the ultimate genius in that particular subject. You don’t have to have all the answers. Someone with ‘heart’ in their writing will attract and keep more visitors/subscribers than someone who is ‘dry’ and knows everything there is to know.

3. Specific Theme - Try and choose a specific theme or topic for your blog. Strive to make a large percentage of your posts stay on that topic. It’s ok to stray from it occasionally. However, if every post you make is just general rambling or a new topic every day, you are not likely to attract a set audience that will stay with you. Know what kind of audience you want to pull in, and build your content accordingly.

4. Attractive - An article or headline that contains How to, Tutorial, Guide, Reference, or Top 10 has a much better chance of getting picked up and shared by visitors. I strongly recommend writing detailed “how to” guides if you want to grow your traffic on Lockergnome (as they will get promoted more).

5. Write An Amazing Headline - Write an amazing headline that nobody could pass up. Use words like awesome, great, free, finally, amazing, best, tips, top 10, how to, tricks, help, or anything that would compel YOU to click on the article if someone else was teasing it. Do not underestimate the power of headlines.
6. Give It A Personal Touch - Remember that blogging isn’t just about writing , it’s about making interpersonal connections with your readers. You don’t want to only attract visitors from the search engines , but you want to appeal to an audience that will find you and stick with you wherever you go.

7. Start Becoming Active In Social Networks - Flickr, Del.icio.us, Reddit, Digg, MySpace, YouTube, etc. If you want people to read what you write, you’ll probably have to reach out to them in some fashion first.

8. Legitimate Comments - Leave Legit Comments In Other People’s Blogs. How else are they going to know about you and what you’re writing if you don’t introduce yourself first? You probably already know people who are blogging about what you love blogging about - so let them know you’re out there, too. This includes leaving comments on other Lockergnome blogs.
9. Write Something New Everyday - Without fresh content, people will stop coming back to you as a source of information. There are some people who are writing updates throughout the day, and they’re the ones who are getting the most comments from visitors.

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