How to find scam sites ? Be aware.......

Paid to click scam sites are easy to find . All you have to do is to use the following criteria;

1. Click rate.
2. Referral commission.
3. Advertisements in the site.
4. Payments and minimum payout.
5. Site layout.
6. Without forums.
7. Upgrading.

1. Click rate:
The click rate is a important criteria. All you need is to make sure that the click rate is stable, for example any site is stable with the following click rate
per click=0.01$(for standard member) and

0.012 ( for premium member)
click rates more than this are unstable and are not suitable to join.

2. Referral commission:
We must also look into this one and if the referral commission is 1 cent(for standard) or more 0.012(for premium) then the site is unsuitable to join.

3. Advertisements in the site:
The advertisements found in the site must not be from the site . Most of the sites like Arabux has the self ads such as " rent referrals" , " advertise here" and similar ads . These sites are not stable. Sites like "neobux " has the ads from their sponsors, so the site is stable for more than one year from now.

4. Payments and minimum payout:
Now most of the sites has instant payout systems , so i recommend you to join in the sites that has instant payouts. The minimum must not be more than 2$ and if you are a solo clicker then it is difficult to make money from the sites that has a high payouts 5$ or 10$. It will take many months to reach the minimum so i recommend you to join in the sites that has low payouts which have minimum payout of 2$ or less.

5. Site layout:
The layout of the site is also important, if the site has some poor design then don't join there, if the site has god a good design like neobux then join there .Because if the admin is good, he will buy a costly script to protect his site from the hackers and others, but if the admin doesn't want to protect the site and looking to loot the money from the members then he will restrict himself to the poor scripts and makes money from the people and once it is completed he will close the site.

6. Without forums:
Don't join in the site if it doesn't have the forums or disabled the forums, because forums are the place where the admin interacts with the other members and if the forums are not there, then it is a sign of scam and most often when the site is about to turn into scam, the forums will be disabled.

7. Upgrading:
You must be aware that when the site

* Is forcing you to upgrade.
* Makes the payment only when you upgrade.
* Lowering the money for upgrade.

Then there is a greater chance for the site to turn into a scam one. You must realize one thing, when the site is doing all these things then the site is really in the need of the money to pay the members, which means that the site has ran out of the funds, in such cases it is not wise to invest in the site .

Is it wise to invest in a site?
When can you invest in the site, if you have satisfied all the above categories and then if you get at least one payment from them, then check the following things..,

1. What is the cost of the upgrade?
2. How many active direct referrals do u have?
3. How much time will it take to take back the investment ?
4. How is the rented referral clicks in the site ?

What is the cost of the upgrade?
Usually many sites has a large amount of money for upgrading and you must be aware that the more the price of the premium account, then the site is good. Some of the sites might be having very low amount to upgrade in the site and these sites are not good to invest, for example in neobux the cost of the upgrade is 90$ and some of the new bux site might be having the upgrade cost of less than 10$. So don't invest in the bux sites which has a low money for upgrading, most often these sites will close and it is not possible for the site to sustain with the low upgrade prices.

How many referrals do u have?
The number of active referrals determines whether to invest in a site or not, if you don't have the good number of referrals (at least 10 active referrals) then it is not wise to invest there.

How much time will it take to take back the investment ?
In general you must be able to take back your investment in a few months, at least in less than 6 months time, and make the profit for the rest of the period.

How is the rented referral clicks in the site ?
Before investing in a site , browse through the forums and find the recent information about the site and its referral clicks , members of the site will be updating the recent information about referral clicks , based on this information and also based on the recent proof from the site, invest in the site.

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