An Easy Technique To Get Peace Of Mind

There is a very simple technique for the mind to get complete rest......

Spread a blanket (aasan) in a clean & solitary place & lie down on it. Stretch your body to the maximum that you can do. Let all the parts of the body, right from the toe to the head, get exercised.Stretch in a way that every single part of the body gets fulfilling exercise.

The way cats & dogs extend themselves to full length while stretching, in the same way for about 2 & 1/2 minutes you stretch your body completely by spreading your hands & legs. The nerves, arteries & veins which were not functioning will also become active.

After 2 to 2.5 minutes stop stretching. Let the whole body get relaxed. Keep lying very peacefully. Take the tip of the tongue out of the mouth & press it slightly with the teeth. Close your lips. Press the index finger against the thumb for each hand. In this position you are doing the Shava aasan in the Jnayan Mudra & Vishranti Mudra. After sometime if you feel uncomfortable in keeping the position of fingers & the tongue as described above, then you can release them. Spread your hands & knees in a naturally comfortable position. Give complete rest to your body & mind.

Do not entangle your mind in the chains of any kind of thoughts. Let the mind become worry-less. If still any thought comes to your mind, become an observant & keep coming back to thought-less state.(You can also enchant for getting that thought less state) Keep observing the process of breathing. Keep feeling that you are getting complete rest in the God Who is always present inside you (Antaryaami Ram).

Right now you have no responsibilities. There are no worries. You are getting complete rest. Let the mind become pure in this state of divine peace.

This technique is capable of removing all kinds of shortcomings & evils. It results in the development of pure & good thoughts & keeping good health........


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