Pleasing Behaviour

God is the source of supreme bliss & supreme peace. As the bond between you & God becomes stronger, so will the inner bliss & peace. Then wherever you go, bliss & happiness will be there with you. Others will also feel peaceful in your company.

At some places in India the great saints are called 'Dada', which means who gives... who keeps giving forever. The one who gives knowledge, affection, kindness, happiness, peace etc. everyday is called 'Dada'. We also learn the art of living, the art of talking and the right way of dealing with people from such great men. They are the ideals for everybody.

Echo is of the same nature as the sound that generates it & also echo follows the sound. Similarly others behave in the same way as we behave with them wherever we go. If you want happiness, give others the same. If you want respect, then give others the same. If you want to get hurt, then you may hurt others. What you sow, so shall you reap.

Sweet language spoken for the benefit of others gives them happiness, peace & love; also, it gets back happiness, peace & love for oneself. Such language nourishes ones good qualities and provides mind with pure & positive energy. It is a blessing from God and it is beneficial for us & everybody around us. It protects & beautifies The Truth.

Never speak any word which hurts & harms anybody. Harsh & hurting language cannot hide the truth, and the partial truth present in the harshly spoken statement also gets deformed because it is not appreciated by anybody. The one who has foul tongue has an evil heart.

Some scholar told Pandit Madanmohan Malviya: "You can abuse me with hundred harsh words but I'll not get annoyed."

The reply that Malviyaji gave reflects his greatness. He said: "I'll test your anger later, before that my tongue will become dirty."

Neither should you make your tongue dirty nor should you accept such language from others. If the bad language of others influences your mind, it means that you are accepting their foul language. Rajjab has said:

Rajjab do not get angry when somebody asks, "Why that for?"
Smilingly reply, "Yes Sir! Just like that."

The words spoken politely & properly is pleasing to all. If one calls "Uncle" to the brother of ones mother then it sounds good, but if one calls him the "brother-in-law of father" then it becomes harsh.

Secondly, words spoken in inappropriate circumstances do not generate welcoming reaction. Some people talk about constipation etc. on the dinning table. This has a bad effect on the mind & body. Therefore, at the time of meals one should talk about things which have pure, peaceful & pleasing after-effects. Eating fried & over-cooked food and too many varieties of food is bad for health, also it disturbs peace of mind.

A true & righteous statement given at the wrong time is also not pleasing. Lord Rama used to be very careful about not speaking words at inappropriate occasions. In his conversations He was never an opponent. That is why He never hurt anybody. He used to present appropriate statements also very logically with the intention of benefit of all.

Give respect to the person with whom you are talking. The key to success is being humble. The one whose words provoke anger in the other person time and again goes to hell. If one imagines the outcome of any statement before it comes out of mouth, then there is no need to feel guilty later.

If somebody comes to office late on a particular day, then instead of asking the reason for being late directly if one says : "You reach office on time everyday. Why couldn't you make it on time today?" ...Then that person will reply honestly.

Even when talking to members of family one must remember that he/she is not talking to machines or robots, but is talking to human beings who have feelings. Every individual needs affection, sympathy, repect & caring gestures. If one behaves respectfully with elders, affectionately with persons of same age-group and kindly & sympathetically with the younger generation, then it has a magical influence on them.

Stealing somebody's property, money etc is not as big a crime as hurting other's feelings. Do not break anybody's heart because God Himself lives in his/her heart. If suggestions are given with an attitude of love & respect for the other, then there can never be any conflict in the family.

A husband told his wife that the food wasn't cooked well. The wife got irritated & said: "Eat somewhere else, either go a restaurant or get some other woman to cook." The husband got hurt and did not eat that day. If the wife would have thought about their mutual affection then she would have said: "I'll cook more carefully tomorrow... You'll not get a reason to complain..." Then this situation would not have arrived and then no friction would have developed between the two. Also there would not have been disrespect for the food.

Similarly, if the father says to the son: "You didn't get good marks in your exams, you are stupid..." This will have a negative impact on the child. Instead if the father says: "Son! You should work harder. You should meditate regularly to increase your concentration." Such a statement would generate enthusiasm in the child, also the child would have more respect for the father. The child will then work harder & try to get good marks.

If a customer says to the shopkeeper: "I'd bought this thing from your shop. It is not good. Take that back." The shopkeeper should not behave rudely with him. He should say: "Its alright if you do not like this. I have more varieties of this thing. May be you'll like them." The shopkeeper should behave affectionately & sympathetically with the customer. This welcoming behaviour will make that customer, a life-long customer.

"You'll have to do this work," instead of saying this to the servant if one says: "Will you do this for me?", then the servant will work more enthusiastically & efficiently. Otherwise work will be a burdenfor him. He will not be happy doing the work and therefore his productivity will be poor.

A little difference in the style of speaking affects quality of work a lot. If one has to get work done from somebody then one must politely ask that person if it is possible for him/her to do the work.

One must give importance to the person to whom he/she is talking and not to oneself. Words spoken properly have a positive impact and words spoken foolishly have negative consequences.

One who does not impose his/her ego on the other only can work as a good team leader. Such a team-leader takes the responsibility of mistakes made by a member of team on himself and gives credit for the good work to the responsible member. Having sympathetic attitude for the personal problems of team-members & trying to help them in the best way is the sign of expert leadership. Praising the members for the good work & guiding them through their mistakes is also the sign of expert leadership.

The quality of work improves if one has a friendly & family-like attitude towards colleaques. The team-leader who feels disconnected to the team will not be able to provide a thorough leadership which would lead to lack of coordination and thus the productivity of the team would get affected.

The sports teams that play with the feeling of togetherness produces good quality of game & usually wins the game. A sports team may have good players but if it lacks coordination & brotherhood then it is more likely that the team would lose. If the captain of the team does not have the feeling of equality & respect for the individual player, then the team gets divided and loses the game.

Only cheerful people know the art of getting work done. Those who meditate regularly & listen carefully to the words of Saints only can experience ever-lasting happiness. Whoever comes in contact with such people willingly works in accordance to them.

Some people always have revolting attitude towards others. They get a negative reaction from the person to whom they ask for doing some work. In such cases the person works half heartedly without taking responsiblitlites for what he/she has done. Negative reaction makes the person who is trying to get work done feel irritated and the work also gets spoiled. On the contrary a happy & peaceful person gets a good quality work done.

Do not assume that your friends-relatives, kids-wife, servants etc. would get out of control if you do not scold them, shout at them or be wicked with them. The fact is that such a behaviour makes them distant from you.

Everybody can become yours with the qualities of love, sympathy, respect, sweet words, feeling of benefit for others, sacrifice etc. People will get ready to make big scarifices for you if you have such behaviour. People will have a sweet & affectionate place for you in their hearts. Not only will you be happy but all those who come in contact with you will also experience happiness & peace.

Our style of speaking determines the way in which somebody reacts to what we tell him/her. The style that generates positive reaction in the listener is the most appropriate style. Words spoken in a sarcastic tone hurts others and consequently we also suffer.

Sensible people express their feelings in a few words. They do not speak anything which might hurt others. One should be humble, friendly & sympathetic towards all. Most of the people that one may come across everyday will have problems & grief beyond imagination. One should understand this fact & therefore one must not be envious & disrespectful to anyone, instead be specially gentle towards all.

Behave nicely to even those who have a rude behaviour, and thereafter do not feel proud of your good behaviour. The more you forget your self pride while helping others, the more beneficial it will be for you. Spread the message of love & benfit of all by having a gentle behaviour & selfless love for all. Such a behaviour alone is the real help & real solace. Whatever you give to this world, the same shall you get.

See everybody with eyes filled with love & sympathy. Selfless love is the real food for a happy life. The world is dying of this hunger, therefore give this love to everybody. Do not hide the spiritual love in your heart. Distribute this love generously, most of the pain of this world will vanish.

The person who does not have an affectionate & sympathetic behaviour is a burden to this hummanity, and the person whose heart is filled with selfishness & jealousy is a curse.

Awaken the pure love of heart. Keep enriching that. Let the river of this divine love make its way everywhere. You will experience supernatural peace & happiness and by your means the river of peace & happiness will start flowing in this world.

He is not blind who has lost his eyes, but he who overlooks his bad qualities is actually blind. One cannot hide his bad qualities but can make them insignificant by developing corresponding good qualities. Developing bad qualities is easy and developing good qualities is also equally easy. Our inclination toward bad qualities can be easily changed to good qualities by slightly controlling our thoughts.

Foul language is so dangerous that it can pierce the heart of the man. Cautiously spoken language helps creating a righteous environment. Harsh words of any kinds have hazardous impact, therefore such words should not be used at all. A language which is righteous, sweet, likeable & truthful creates the environment for an efficient life. In the words of Goswami Tulsidas:
Tulsi, sweet language makes happiness blossom everywhere...
The Mantra to rule the hearts of all: Get rid of harsh words

Make efforts to make yourself supreme and truthful. In this world you are getting mad about richness-glory, position-power, fame-reputation and respect-praise, none of these can ever satisfy you. These desires will never be completely fulfilled & therefore you shall never feel satisfied with these desires around you.

Do not waste your energy in building huge mansions & beautiful gardens. Do not waste your thoughts in such petty things. There are plenty of buildings which are tall but the people leaving in them are short & mean. Do not waste energy in building big houses & decorating them with sparkling items, do not unnecessarily make efforts to prove the status of your wife & friends in the society. If you agree to this divine thought, accept it, know it and understand that the one and only ideal & aim of life is not to misuse your mind & strength in saving money or making buildings, but to develop inner strength, arise spiritual strength and progress spiritually to attain God & salvation, then the bonds of the family, society and world can never become barriers for you.

Oh loved ones! Always remember that you live for yourself and not for others. Do not leave any room for others to interfere with your life. Do you eat your food or is it someone else eating for you? Do you digest your food or someone else does that for you? Do you see with your eyes or with the eyes of someone else? Why are you unnecessarily getting influenced by others?

You must become your own center of gravity. Depend on yourself. Realize the eternal self which is the basis & controller of all. Do not worry for the attitude & criticism of your guests. Do not use spicy & rich food, furniture and cushions as means to make your guests comfortable. This attitude of serving the guests is petty & incomplete. You should give such an environment to your guest that when he leaves your place he feels more pure at heart and happier than before. He should leave your home with the inspiration to lead a life more thoughtful, happy, simple, humble & natural than before. Understand this to be your duty towards loved ones. This is the correct path to make your family happier. A householder can use this technique to create room for progress in place of obstacles-problems in his home.

If the guest becomes more self-dependent, happy and thoughtful after staying at your place, then you have offered the righteous service to him. If you try to influence him with the lavishness of your house and with smart & clever behaviour, then you are disturbing both his & your peace of mind. If your richness & extravagence makes your guest jealous & more ambitious, then both of you will bear the consequences of these unrighteous feelings. Therefore a simple, humble, truthful & affectionate behaviour is beneficial for both of you. Give him a greater gift, the gift of true knowledge and true love. Help him experience the supreme happiness generated out of innocent love.

If I do not give you even a single penny and do not offer any physical help, but if I smile at you with innocent love and true heart, then you are bound to feel very happy and spiritually uplifted. Such a smile will be a better social service than any material help. Giving an honest & innocent smile is more valuable than giving the treasury of pearls. What is the use of monetary help when you have an unrighteous behaviour towards that person? You make the other person forget the love of God, bliss & true knowledge by betraying him. Let the heart of others become more pure and let them grow spiritually! This a great service to the mankind.

Lying, criticizing, back-biting and being rude are the bad qualities of language.

There are four shortcomings of a conversation:
1)Speaking as if giving commands to others
2)Speaking as if shouting at others
3)Using abusive language
4)Using sarcastic language
There are five good qualities of language: benefit of others, friendly with others, peaceful, sweet & affectionate

You should remain ego-less and give respect to others. Those who have a righteous behaviour & are sincerely involved with social service, they are truely loved by even those people who have just heard their name & not yet seen them.

A conversation must not reflect cruelty. One should not speak any words to degrade the other person. Rude words keep haunting in the mind of the listener therefore do not use any words which can disturb peace of mind of others. A person pierced with an arrow may be healed but a person pierced with harsh words will never be healed.

After invoking the subtle internal spiritual enrgy by doing spiritual practices, self-control, speaking truth and constant supervision of the mind, one will not feel happiness-sadness at times of desired and undesired circumstances.

An intelligent person remains calm even when an indecent person speaks foul language. The one who stays cheerful, even when the person in front of him gets angry, gets the good karmas of the angry person. Anger is disliked by all because it excites people with negative energy and is unrighteous. The person who gets control over this anger, does not let any ill-feeling arise in his heart, who remains cheerful always, and overlooks weaknesses of others, that person gets the good karmas of all those who develop enmity for him. Even the Devtas (Divine souls in Indian mythology) look forward to meet and see the person who does not speak either ill or good about the person who had spoken harsh language, keeps a balance of mind always, and never wants anything bad to happen to others.

The essence of all Vedas is speaking truth always. The essence of truthful language is self-control. The essence of self-control is salvation. The one who can control the emotional waves of mind, language, anger, jealousy, hunger & reproductive organs can attain the "True Knowledge" - the knowledge of one Brahma.

The person whose mind & words are devoted to God completely, he gets the fruits of studying Vedas, performing spiritual austerities & sacrifice without actually studying them.

An intelligent person should stay contented even after getting insulted because he who has been insulted sleeps happily but he who has insulted the other suffers the consequences of bad karma. An angry person is deprived of his good karmas by nature.

The person who has self-control over food & sensuality, pays attention to cleanliness and keeps smiling & speaks sweet words while helping others is a religious person indeed.

It is better to stay silent than speaking useless words. This is the first quality of language. Speaking truth is the second quality of language. Speaking sweet words is the third quality. Speaking about topics which are approved by religion is the fourth quality.

Indra asked Brahaspati: "Oh Great Soul! What is the thing that makes a person well-known & loved by all beings?"
Brahaspati said; "Oh Indra! That thing is sympathy, sweet words & sweet behaviour. Those who have such a behaviour become well-known & are loved by all beings. This one thing makes the whole world happy."

The person who is always irritated & does not speak sweet language, such a person who is never peaceful becomes enemy of all. The person who initiates conversation himself when he meets people and speaks smilingly makes everybody happy.

As badly cooked food cannot make one satisfied, in the same way a donation given without sweet words cannot make anybody happy.

One should always take care that he is not exploiting anybody. The sweet language of only that person is appropriate who thinks of benefit of others. The person who exploits the ignorance of poor, illiterate & innocent people may appear to be flourishing but in the end he has to suffer. The person having truthful, affectionate & sweet behaviour may appear to be at loss in the beginning but he sees the wonderful ending -Realization of God. Khudiram was determined to be on the path of truth & sweetness. People thought of him as dumb & ignorant. This Khudiram who used to live in the Dere village of Hooglie district and used to lead a life filled with love & truth became the father of the great saint of India: Shri Ramakrishna. One may not see the fruits of truthfulness & sweet behaviour in the beginning but it definitely leads to eternal growth.

Om Peace.......... Om Peace........... Om Peace............

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