Prayers Are Answered Always.........

Narayan... Narayan.. Narayan... Narayan...
The following passage is dedicated at the lotus feet of Param Pujya Bapuji.

Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu is a Self-Realized Saint from India. Whoever meditates upon his divine words & divine form can experience true happiness in this life itself. His Grace is omnipresent and sees no boundary.

The people who have found happiness & peace by listening to & practising on the Words of Bapuji are not constrained to a particular country or religion. Hindus, Sikhs, Christains, Muslims and many more have taken refuge in the Divine Umberalla of Bapuji and have given a true meaning to their life. His Divine Grace guides millions & millions all over the world towards the righteous path. Whosoever calls upon him at times of trouble, finds an easy way out of his/her problem.

Since there are uncountable number of followers of Pujya Shri, therefore everybody does not easily get to talk to Bapuji face to face. The Sevadars are not able to give everyone an oppurtunity to speak to Bapuji. This does not mean that Bapuji does not listen to us. His heart is always tied with the bond of supreme love to the heart of each disciple who remembers Him. If one wishes to communicate with Pujya Shri then there is avery simple way to do that.

One should concentrate on Bapuji's Picture for 4-5 minutes everyday at the same time without blinking the eyes. The eyes may water for a few days but eventually it will stop. One may convey his/her desire to Pujya Shri while concentrating. This way one would definitely get to talk to Bapuji either in dream or face to face within six months of praying. The prayers are always answered even if one has not received "Diksha" from Guruji yet.

One must not get disheartened at any point of time and continue praying to Pujya Shri with full devotion. Please keep full faith that your prayers will get answered when the right time is there for it. Hari Om!

May the Divine Blessings of His Holiness be always there on all of us!

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