Realization Of God Made Easy With Introspection

To analyze our spiritual growth, we need to find what value and importance has spiritualism in our life. An aspirant should do self-analysis himself/herself. Only we can analyze ourselves honestly as nobody else knows our strengths and weaknesses better than we know them. Aspirants interested in spiritual progress should try and answer the following questions honestly:

*Is the interest in spiritual practise increasing or decreasing day by day or an indifferent attitude is being developed?

*After listening to or reading spiritual discourse, is there any interest in practising them in day to day life?

*Is the aim of meditation-devotion-spiritual discourse to realize the self or to seek materialistic successes?

*Does one have faith in discourses given by saints and the words of holy books?

*How much has benefited from the spiritual practises told at the time of "Mantra Diksha" or initiation by the master or is it that one does not remember them?

*The attraction towards the world has decreased or is it the same?

*Is it that by means of spiritual service one is trying to earn praise?

*Has the mind become indifferent to worldly pleasures or is it still assuming happiness in them?

*How many days in a month does one complete the routine of Trikaal Sandhya i.e., meditation at the time of sunrise, noon and sunset? How much time does one devote to mediation & prayers and spiritual service in one day?

*Does one ever feel desperate to become one with God?

*Is it that you get lost in chain of thoughts while doing mantra japa i.e., repeating the holy name?

*Is the restlessnes of mind and influence of desires vanishing, and thereby inner peace evolving?

*Is one progressing from the nature of becoming happy at times of happiness & sad at times of sadness to a state of not being influenced by circumstances?

*After listening to or reading spiritual discourse, is the importance of spiritual discourse and human life understandable, or is life still being wasted just in earning money?

*Are the supreme qualities like not worrying, fearlessness and happiness evolving in life?

*How much interest is there towards silence, solitude and meditational practises?

*How much stability of mind and self-control can one keep at the time of stress and anxiety?

If you find weaknesses of any kind in your life, then 10-12 pranayam and meditation on supreme qualities should be done every day to remove them. Thus by constantly thinking of good qualities one can gradually remove all the bad qualities and the heart will be filled with truth. Development of supreme qualities will enable us see the True Supreme Lord.

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