I found something interesting today that could seriously contribute to any online money seekers success. It´s a site called ViralNetworks, designed for Internet Marketers, providing the necessary tools to enlarge your circle of business contacts.

They make it possible to network with other people in the same industry but that´s not all…

You´ll earn credits for actions and those credits will allow you to receive a percentage of ViralNetworks´s revenue. The site allows you to build a 5 level downline giving you the possibility to contact them. You´ll also be rewarded with 10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline.


Unfortunately we can´t experience ViralNetworks at full power at the moment because they´re still in prelaunch.

I signed-up, as it´s free and looks like something handy and worth full in the near future. I advise you to sign-up too because it´s an awesome way to get in contact with like-minded people and if everything works out you´ll make some extra cash. (It´s obvious nobody knows if their revenue sharing pool idea will actually work out.)

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Take care!

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