Three Kinds Of Knowledge

Nothing is left to learn, to do, to acquire & to go, for the person who has learnt this Self-Knowledge even for once. That person gets placed in such a state of Akartritva-Abhoktritva (i.e. not knowing oneself as the doer of action & not knowing oneself to be the bearer of results of action).

There are three kinds of knowledge:

1. Social-Knowledge (Laukik Vidya or Aihik Vidya): That which is gained in school & colleges. This knowledge just gives the means of earning a living.

2. Yogic-Knowledge (Yoga Vidya): The knowledge of the secrets of this world & the world beyond the reach of physical senses.

3. Self-Knowledge (Atman Vidya or Brahman Vidya): The knowledge of the soul & the supreme soul, the knowledge of self-realization, the knowledge of ones union with God.

All of these knowledges should be acquired in life. If Social-Knowledge is acquired but there is no Yogic-Knowledge, then one will get lots of material comforts in life but his life will be devoid of peace of mind. Absence of peace of mind would result in unrighteous attitude. One may acquire Social-Knowledge & learn to create several objects & even make powerful bombs, but even after all this, one will not get peace. Therefore it is necessary to acquire Self-Knowledge along with Social-Knowledge.

All those who practise Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge, who practice a little Yoga in the morning, easily get success in the areas of Social-Knowledge as well. They are able to discover unknown secrets of Social-Knowledge.

The scientists also knowingly or unknowingly practise Yogic-Knowledge. As a result of dedicated research work, their mind becomes concentrated, and hence they are able to discover new things. Those scientist if they become Yogis & do research then.... The Yogis have done such wonderful researches till date that a man of today does not have the potential to describe them.

If one concentrates on naval-center (center near the naval), then he can see the complete structure of body. The Yogis did not disect the body to learn about its anatomy, but they gained knowledge of even the physical body by means of meditation. One can know the constitution of all the nerves (Naris), big or small, by concentrating on the naval-center. The Yogis have discovered that there are 72,668 Naris in the area between the naval & the shoulders. The centers which cannot be seen via the physical knowledge of this world, Muladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudhakhya, Aagnya & Sahasrara Chakras, have been discovered only via Yogic-Knowledge. The qualities of each of these centers have been discovered via Yogic-Knowledge. How to transformed these Chakras? How to develop them? Yogic-Knowledge alone has found answers to these questions.

If the Muladhara Kendra is transformed, then Kama (desires) gets changed to Rama (God). The vision of the person expands. His activities start benefiting all. Such a person becomes famous. Many people become ready to follow his foot steps. Mahatma Gandhi is an example whose Muladhara Kendra got transformed & hence he became known to the whole world.

The second center is Swadhishthana Kendra. It contains fear, hatred, violence & competitive attitude. If this center is transformed, then fearlessness takes over fear, non-violence takes over violence, love takes over hatred & compassion takes over competitive attitude. He develops balance of mind. Such a person becomes lovable for all. He becomes very useful for himself & for others.

There are seven such kinds of centers in our body which have been discovered by Yogic-Knowledge. The Social-Knowledge could never discover them.

What is the basis of this creation of world? How to meet the Creator? How to attain salvation while being alive? All such questions have been answered only by Self-Knowledge (Brahman Vidya or Atman Vidya).

All of us have some what progressed in the Social-Knowledge but we do not know about Yogic-Knowledge, therefore the students are not as healthy & cheerful as they should be. That is why many graduates commit suicide after watching movies. Many young men & women commited suicide after watching the movie, Ek duje ke liye.

If the Social-Knowledge does not take the support of Yogic-Knowledge, then it will lead to corruption in the society. People will lead a selfish life struggling & fighting in order to fulfill their hunger & desires. This is a major weakness of Social-Knowledge that it does not provide one with a happy & peaceful life, good health of body, strong determination of mind. The Social-Knowledge of today is such that students pass out of universities as servants. They keep searching for jobs after getting their certificates & once they get employed they keep saying:

'I am the best Servant of Indian Government. I am the best Servant of British Government.'

The knowledge of present day makes man a servant. Makes man the servant of sensory organs & desires. This knowledge makes man the servant of pride. It does not save man from the bruises of jealousy, competition, anger or sensual desires. It does not make man aware of the mysterious phenomenon of this world & several other worlds. It helps man to earn bread-butter & to keep adding comforts for the body. The more does a person use the material comforts, the more does helplessness enters his heart. The more does one use material comforts & becomes careless towards Self-Knowledge, the more does he lose peace of mind. This is the state of the western world. The western world has progressed a lot in the technical areas but lack of peace of mind has also increased along with the material progress.

If the Social-Knowledge is unified with the Yogic-Knowledge, then the student develops a brilliant mind. One should respect the Social-Knowledge, but it is a disrespect to life if one forgets about Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge and concentrates only on acquiring Social-Knowledge. How can he, who has disrespect towards his own life, have respect for the Giver of Life? And how can he be fully happy who does not have respect for his life & for the Giver of Life?

The auto-rikshaw has three wheels. If the rear wheels are working, but one wheel & the steering is not working, then the auto-rikshaw would just be a body but no one would be able to travel in it. Similarly, there should be Social-Knowledge in life, but if there is no wheel of Yogic-Knowledge & steering of Self-Knowledge, then the human being who was born in ignorance, lives in ignorance & in the end dies in ignorance. As the auto-rikshaw without wheels & steering remainss stuck up at one place, similarly the human being also remains stuck up in ignorance. He remains engrossed in Maya (the sublime mystery of the world). He keeps on entering the wombs of mother in consequtive births. He does not become free of the cycle of life & death because he does not have Self-Knowledge & Yogic-Knowledge along with Social-Knowledge.

The duration for acquiring Social-Knowledge is fixed, but the time required to acquire Self-Knowledge cannot be defined as 10, 15 or 20 years. If Yogic-Knowledge is practised & meditation is done early in the morning at Brahma Muhurat (2.25 hours before sunrise), it is very beneficial. Those who get up in Brahma Muhurat have very brilliant mind. Mostly this is the time when one is more prone to sensual downfall. The charisma of those who get up early in morning thus reamins well-protected. The charisma of those who devote time in Japa & meditation at Brahma Muhurat increases & they reach the heights of spirituality.

The time duration between 2-5 minutes before sunrise and 2-5 minutes after sunrise is called Sandhi Kaal. This time is very beneficial for concentrating the mind. If a student does meditation in Brahma Muhurat, meditates at time of sunrise & practises Self-Knowledge and learns a little of Social-Knowldge from the teacher, then all other kinds of knowledge will naturally appear from his inner self. Those who move forward on Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge easily acquire Social-Knowledge.

Sant Tukaram could not devote much time to Social-Knowledge, but these days Abhanga written by him are taught to M.A. students of Maharashtra.

Sant Eknath had studied both Social as well as Yogic knowledge. Swami Vivekananda had studied Social-Knowledge, & he had also acquired Self-Knowledge along with that. The life of those who unify Social-Knowledge along with Yogic-Knowledge becomes sparkling. They become the means for benefitting many people.

Yogic-Knowledge is very powerful, it does not increase ones pride, but it makes the real mysteries of life unfold itself and it shows the way to immortal happiness. If man does not have Yogic-Power then who knows how he will use his power of money, status or physical strength. Lord Shri Rama had both Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge along with Social-Knowledge, therefore even amidst thousands of obstacles & problems, He led a peaceful, happy & balanced life.Similarly Lord Shri Krishna also had all the three knowledge & therefore he always had a smiling face even when surrounded by thousands of troubles.

The more does one develop Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge, the more value gets added to his Social-Knowledge. Otherwise also, in absence of Yogic-Knowledge & Self-Knowledge, one definitely gets several certificates of Social-Knowledge. These certificates may get richness or power, but deep down in the heart one feels the emptiness. Deep inside there is no satisfaction, peace, self-contentment. What does the future hold for me? Do not know. What is the Spirit? Do not know. What is salvation? Do not know. Life just passes through in a state of ignorance & comes to an end.

The knowledge that one get in this state of ignorance is also a transformation of ignorance. It is like one person may call a rope as snake in the dark. A second person would call it a crack. A third person would say that it is not a crack but trickle of water. Another person says, "Go & see what it is." The person who goes to check it out searches for ways to escape in all directions because he got knowledge in a state of ignorance. He learnt the rope to be a snake. Social-Knowledge is acquired in a state of ignorance. Social-Knowledge is absorbed only in a state of ignorance.

If one is ignorant about Atman (Soul) & Parmatman (Supreme Soul), then whatever Social-Knowledge is acquired in this state of ignorance, falls in the category of ignorance itself. In reality it is the mind that gets the information, but we think that we know it. We shall remain in the boundaries of mind even if become a doctor, lawyer or industrialist, but the knowledge which reaches beyond the mind is the Self-Knowledge (Brahman-Vidya).

The light of that knowledge, which is the source for all the minds of the world, all the scientists everywhere and all the great saints of the world, is called Self-Knowledge (Brahman-Vidya). Since time immemorial, the one source from which the whole world has been getting knowledge, the clever getting cleverness, the intelligent getting their intelligence, love, bliss, bravery, fearlessness, strength, success, the capability to reveal the secrets of this world & several other worlds, the place from where all of these have been acquired, is being acquired & will be acquired, & still which has not become less even by a quarter of an inch, that is called Brahman-Pramatman (Supreme Soul). And the knowldge of this Brahman-Pramatman, is called Self-Knowledge (Brahman-Vidya).

So,it's true to say........Nothing is left to learn, to do, to acquire & to go, for the person who has learnt this Self-Knowledge even for once. That person gets placed in such a state of Akartritva-Abhoktritva (i.e. not knowing oneself as the doer of action & not knowing oneself to be the bearer of results of action).

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