A very important announcement made by Bapuji today...........

It is to inform that today at Delhi Rajokri Ashram , our pujya bapuji made a very important announcement for all the sadhaks that from today till 7th july,09 ,the time period is very crucial for all the sadhaks & the ashrams ( specially Ahemadabad Ashram ). Some group of people have decided to made a masscre by killing around 50 people or more on this coming gurupoornima mahotsav to defame bapuji. So, Bapuji has said to chant " OM HRIM OM " if you want to save the precious life of those sadhaks & want to deactivate that groups planning. Bapuji has said that " i will accept this task done to be as my gurudakshina on this gurupoornima mahotsav".

So, from my side all the sadhaks are requested to do more & more jap of "OM HRIM OM " mantra atleast till the 7th july...........

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