Health Care in the Spring (Vasant) Season

Recommended Diet:

Seasoned barley, wheat, green grams, sesame oil, Trichosanthes Dioica, amorphophallus, horse radish, fennel, fenugreek, eggplant (aubergine), fresh and tender radish, ginger are good in this season.

Insalubrious Diet:

One should avoid foods that are difficult to digest, cold, sour, unctuous and sweet substances like jaggery, curd, tomato, spinach, great pumpkin, cucumber, musk-melon, water melon, banana, plums, dates, coconut, jackfruit, figs, Bael (Bengal vaince), sugarcane juice, almond, cashewnuts and other dry fruits, sweets, milk products (like kheer, sweets, ice-cream, milk-shakes etc.).


Spring is the transitional season between winter and summer.It is commonly observed that days, nights and the seasons have their respective influence on everything in this world including the physical structure and strength of human beings. The main reason behind this influence is the subtle movements of the sun and the moon vis-a-vis the earth and the consequent changes in the wind.

When the sun moves north of the equator, the period is referred to as Uttarayana. This period takes away the soft and smooth qualities of the earth and the strength of animals, that is why it is also known as Adaan Kal. The scorching sun and the dry winds remove moisture from the body. As a result physical weakness ensues. Immediately after winter, the body is robust but by the middle of it, that is during spring, strength slowly diminishes and towards the end, that is summer, strength is depleted.

During spring, the strong sunrays melt the kapha, that reduces the digestive fire. This gives rise to many illnesses in this season. This aggravated kapha and reduced appetite are the main causes of illnesses in this season.At this time, the appetite becomes poor and the physical strength is average. As the sun rays become more intense kapha accumulated during winter becomes aggravated thus weakening the appetite. That is why one should consume foods that are dry, easy to digest and neither too cold nor too hot.

But people, unaware of this fact become scared of minor illnesses and take expensive and harmful medicines, which are rather more detrimental than beneficial to health. We can easily take care of our health by adhering to the health tips recommended for different seasons and by using the safe herbal medicines.

Method to suppress kapha and improve digestion:

Grind together 200 gm tulsi leaves, 200 gm ginger and 200 gm fresh turmeric. Mix it with 100 gm each of powdered Amla and Harad. Add honey to taste and make small pea-sized tablets. Chew 5 to 7 of these tablets two to three times a day. This household medicine will protect you from innumerable kapha-inflicted diseases and thus one need not take chemical expectorants.

This tested try-out also helps control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It purifies the blood and increases haemoglobin. It removes toxins accumulated in the body and makes the body energetic, strong and full of vigour.

Here are some beneficial health tips recommended for the spring season:

*Take honey or water mixed with honey in the morning, and Drakshasava or Panchakolasava (Ayurvedic medicines) after meals to increase appetite. It stimulates the digestive system and prevents fevers and a number of kapha related sicknesses like asthma etc.

*Rice that has been stored for 1 year, and cooked after thoroughly cleaning with water, is light to digest and does not increase kapha.

*In the Spring, exercise (walking, jogging, Suryanamaskar etc.), applying sandal wood and aloe wood paste and instilling two drops of sesame oil into the nose every morning help eliminate kapha.

*Sleeping during the day in the spring is extremely harmful to one’s health.

*Drinking 30 to 40 ml. of fresh cow urine or 10 to 30 ml of gau-jharan ark (available in the ashram) mixed with the required amount of water on an empty stomach in the morning protects one from illnesses caused by excessive kapha.

*Consume 10 ml of tulsi (basil) extract mixed with an equal proportion each of ginger extract and honey to get quick relief from cough, cold and fever arising from kapha (influenza). This also helps clear the respiratory tract.

*Harad powder, taken with honey early in the morning on an empty stomach, removes kapha.

*Kapha is also alleviated by drinking water boiled with Nagarmoth (cyperus) or sonth (dried ginger).

*The Neem (Margosa) tree is laden with fresh tender leaves in Chaitra (Mid February to Mid March). Thoroughly chew 15 to 20 tender neem leaves with 2 to 3 pieces of black pepper. This practice, when continued for 15 to 20 days, prevents skin diseases, blood related disorders and general fever for the whole year.

*Consume 30 to 40 ml juice of the bitter Neem flowers for 7 to 15 days to protect yourself against skin diseases and even diseases like malaria.

*Taking a salt free diet throughout the month of Chaitra tones-up the immune system. One is protected against diseases of the skin, heart and kidneys.

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