Wake up in Your Own Importance

Swami Ramteerth used to say: "I'm the king, I'm the king of kings." The people of USA asked Him: "You do not possess anything except two pairs of safron coloured clothings. You do not have any kingdom, power or authority, You have absolutely nothing, still how can You be the king of kings ?"

Ramteerth replied: "I'm the king because I do not posses anything. Appreciate My eyes... Appreciate my heart. I'm the true king. I'm the king without any throne. I'm the king without any material possessions. Where can you find a king like me? You are foolish to call him a king who is the servant of this material world. He who is happy in his own self is the true king. People of this world! To be the king of material objects is the sign of haughtiness but to be the king of ones mind reflects that one has seen the dearest of dear - God. Try appreciating My eyes! Try taking a dip in My heart! Where can you find a king like Me? I'm constantly giving away My kingdom & My glory just like that without any conditions & clauses..."

He who gives for selfish reasons is meager but he who keeps donating by thinking of all as his own loved-one is the true king.

"I, the king, am not distant from My real self!"
Somebody asked: "Are you a king?"
"Are you the soul?"
"Are you God?"
"Yes... There is My shine in the moon & the stars. There is My playful movement in the breeze. There is My fragrance & life in flowers."
"Did You make these?"
"Yes... They are following the same laws of nature since the time they were created. I've even made this body of Mine. I'm that king!"

He who believes himself to be the soul, he who appoints himself in the position of the kings, he only attains the real nature of kingship. He, who remains entangled in the thoughts of love-hatred, is crushed under the pressure of these imaginations.

I'm that soul which is the basis of life. It is the soul which is the king... king of kings. I'm that soul which rules over all the kings.

It is the mind & the body which experience salvation or bondage. I'm always the free soul. Now I've come to know a little about my real home. After I sat in the bus which was going to my hometown, I'm feeling the cool breeze coming from my home. After sitting in the vehicle of the Yogis, I feel that my home is very near. When I'd been moving in the vehicle of the material people, I was getting distant from my real home. Now I've come to know how I can reach my home & experience the bliss.

Being in the company of the all-blissful, I'm experiencing the bliss...
Being in the company of kings, I'm experiencing the kingship...

Some are crazy for richness, some for beauty, some for sensuality & some for fame but there are a few who are crazy for God. Those who crazed for richness did not get that. Leaving the richness behind had to die in every life... Those who crazed for beauty or fame did not get that, but the one crazy for God realized God... I'm that crazy!

Feel that you are crazy for God. The greedy is crazy for money, the charmed person is crazy for family, the proud person is crazy for position, the materialistic person is crazy for material pleasures, but the spiritual aspirant is crazy for God.

We are travelling on a jet air-plane to reach our ultimate goal. Those who like they can use this air-plane but those who want to travel by a local train -it is there wish! This Siddha Yoga, this Kundalini Yoga, this Atman Yoga is a journey by the jet air-plane. A bullock cart may travel for twenty-five years but the traveller of air-plane will report the news of the other side of river in just two hours. We are reaching the other side of river i.e., we are reaching beyond the material world.

Oh mind take the form of a horse & jump further! Oh horse of the blue sky! Take a bigger flight in the sky. Roam freely in the huge ground of the sky like soul. Feel the pleasure of the thoughts of freedom. Till when will you remain entangled in the web of thoughts? Oh bird like soul! Rise more in the sky. Open your wings in the boundless sky. Get out of the egg-shell. Till when will you keep lying there? Break the egg-shell. Break this identification with the body. Get rid of this imagination. If you are not able to get rid of it then use the weapon of Om (Om) to destroy that imagination.......

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