The Mantra: Narayan

Narayan... Narayan... Narayan...

Once upon a time Shri Madanmohan Malviyaji was the guest of Shri Hanuman Prasadji Poddar (Madanmohan Malviya is the great leader of India who is the founder of Banaras Hindu University of India. Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar is the founder of the great publishing house, Geeta Press. Geeta press is one of the leading publishers of all books related to Hindu religion.)

Malviyaji said to Hanuman Prasadji: "I want to give you a very precious and rare thing which I got from my mother as blessing. I have benefitted from this thing many a times.

When Malviyaji started explaining the importance of that precious thing, then Poddarji said: "Please give me that thing as early as possible."

Malviyaji said: "Forty years back I asked my mother: 'Bless me to be successful in whatever I do and also bless me not to be proud of my success. Pride and sadness take the strength of the Soul." Mother said: 'The great God or Narayan is residing in all that is living-nonliving. Start your work by lovingly remembering the name of that God.'

"Brother! It has been forty years since, I have observed that I have been unsuccessful at times when I forgot to remember God, otherwise I've always been successful. You also please take the full advantage of this mantra."

Hanuman Prasadji took the full advantage of that mantra. Many of his friends and members of family also took the full benefit of this mantra.

In the beginning, middle & end of the work, whoever remembers, 'Narayan... Narayan... Narayan...' is very successful. Therefore you should also take the benefit of this mantra.

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