3 Types Of Acne Treatments

Acne treatments have been around for years. Some home remedies such as toothpaste used to dry up pimple have a big following. While others follow the recent medical breakthroughs in acne creams, ointments, and pills.
What acne treatment should you follow? It depends on several factors including the type and extent of your acne. Following are tips regarding current acne treatments. You should always consult a dermatologist for the best course of action for your skin, but these tips will give you an idea as to what acne treatments are available.

*The first type of acne treatment: Pore Cleansers

Pore cleansers are a topical product that you apply to your face and areas that are affected by acne. You can find pore cleansers at your drug store as they are over the counter treatments. Pore cleansers contain Salicylic Acid or Benzyl Peroxide. Pore cleansers are used to prevent acne. The pore cleansers clean out the sebum and dead skin cells in your pore that cause plugged pores which leads to acne. This over the counter treatment works best for people that suffer from mild acne.

*The second type of acne treatment: Antibiotics

You will need to see your Dermatologist to have them prescribe the antibiotics. Antibiotics can be taken orally or topically. This level of acne treatment is used for persistent acne. The great news about antibiotics is that they work very quickly so your skin clears up as fast as possible. Various antibiotics have been used in the past, but the newest preference is Solodyn. Your Dermatologist can also prescribe topical medicine such as Retin-A.

It has been noted that birth control pills also provide a beneficial effect on acne. Acne is the result of a fluctuation of hormones. Birth control pills steady this fluctuation and provide acne relief. If you are on birth control pills then ask your doctor which brand provides the most acne relief.
* The third type of acne treatment: For Severe Acne

This type of acne can be devastating and also cause scarring. The purpose of these acne treatments is to stop oil before it is even produced. If you don’t produce oil then you eliminate the potential for plugged pores. Drugs in this category include Acutane which is a pill.

Acutane is very powerful and you have to be extremely careful when taking it. For example, females need to take birth control while on Acutane because Acutane has been shown to cause birth defects. Acutane can also be very drying. So if you live in a cold climate and take it in the winter, you may experience severely chapped lips. However, Acutane is extremely effective.

Other acne treatments include lasers, extreme cold, and various creams and ointments. It is also recommended that you rotate acne medicines every few months because sometimes a treatment that worked in the past suddenly loses its effectiveness. Your best bet is to have your Dermatologist determine the type and extent of your acne. You can work together to find an acne treatment plan that fits into your budget as well as clears up your acne.


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