Can Eating Apples Help Acne ?

The old adage goes "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away," but in modern times it is 100% appropriate to say "An apple a day keeps acne away! "Yes. I mean it. I have suffered from acne for long. And today after winning this long spun battle with acne I know how to defeat the skin eruptions in the form of those itchy lumps and bumps - which we know by different names as acne, blackheads, pimples and nodes.

You can treat acne by a number of ways including medicinal as well as herbal techniques. But the results of all these methods vary from person to person. Besides, many of the popular acne treatments are debatable among the sufferers as well as the recommenders.

This is to say, acne is curable but not always without side effects. So, it is very important for you do your homework well before opting for any of the acne remedies or treatments. The safest bet of course is natural remedy. The results, I repeat, depend upon person to person.

Today, I have got an all natural acne treatment for you. My theory goes like: An apple a day keeps acne away!

Relish Apples, while treating your acne.

How? It is a well known fact that acne deciphers the problem with-in. You have an internal problem that translates into skin inflammation or eruptions in the form of acne. And apple is the medicinal fruit available to us in the form of natural remedy to acne.

Very few of us know about it and perhaps that is the reason why your dermatologist has never prescribed apples to treat acne.

The health fruit apple contains 80 to 90 per cent of water content in it. It is full of beneficial proteins, vitamins and minerals, namely, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and many trace elements in small quantities as well. Apples also contain Vitamins A, B, C and its peel contains natural antioxidants.

Undoubtedly thus apples have long been used to treat different maladies. Apple is a natural remedy
to treat arthritis, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, digestion disorders and various skin ailments.

To treat acne in particular, you can use apple in three forms-

1. Natural - Eat apples.
2. Topical application of apples in form of juices or raw apples.
3. Clubbing it with other natural healers such as vinegar to form apple cider vinegar which is also a very well know treatment for acne.

All three of the above are quite successful in healing acne. Let's know them step by step now.

Relish Apples
To clear you skin of acne, begin by eating 3 apples a day. Mind to eat organic apples with skin on, as apple's skin is good for your skin. By eating apples each day, you are helping your body
to ease out its other problems like indigestion and constipation which biologically helps you cure acne.

Apply Apples
Do you know that by putting up juice of the apples on your body you help invigorate your skin's tissues? Yes, it works magically. You can massage apple juice on your cheeks and body with equal ease, and burn out all stress and tension. Stress is a major cause of acne.

An effective acne mask can be made from honey and apples. It is extremely helpful for those with oily skin. You can prepare it easily at home. Just grate an apple and put in four spoons of honey to it. Apply it on your face and keep it for ten to fifteen minutes. Now wash it with clear water and notice the difference.

Many people suggest liver flush to cure acne. The best natural method to do it is by drinking 1 liter of organic apple juice per day. Apple juice eases the bile functioning and thus eases the liver flush.

Revolutionize Apples:
Make Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Vinegar is made by acting of bacteria and yeast on food-grains and fruit-juices. So, apple cider vinegar is made from apples. You can make apple cider vinegar by crushing or grating apples and compressing out its juice. Add sugar and yeast and let the fermentation process begin which turns the sugar into alcohol. After this, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria. Acetic acid gives ACV its sour taste.

You can make it in your home as well. But if you want to buy a bottle of ACV to cure acne, go for organic one only.

Apply ACV on your skin as a topical lotion or drink it as an oral remedy to acne. The choice is yours.

Topical Application
Take a cotton ball and dab it in apple cider vinegar and apply it over the affected area. Do this simple activity three times a day. Good results may be seen in as few as two days.
Apple cider vinegar is like a natural astringent which closes the pores and removes the excess oil to normalize the PH balance of the skin.

Another acne revolutionizing method with Apple Cider Vinegar is to steam your face to clean acne. Add 3-4 spoons of ACV to a hot water bowl. Take steam with the help of a towel and take the vapor. This kind of steam will open the skin pores. Now take a small cotton wad, damp in Apple Cider Vinegar and wipe the skin.

Oral Remedy
Apple cider vinegar tastes sour, but results sweet! Drink about couple of spoons of ACV thrice a day. You can use things like honey, water or tea to mask the sour taste. I would recommend green tea or honey for the added benefits to your skin.

There are many more good acne tips associated with apple cider vinegar. I have tried to pen down the best of them all. You try them at home and you will notice the change.

Lastly, some important words of caution to cure acne wisely as well as nicely:

* Always buy organic apple cider vinegar. The non organic ones may contain chemicals which can be absorbed into your body to make the acne problem even worse.

* Test apple cider before use. Put a little under the chin or any other hidden area and leave it for 10 minutes. Any kind of skin inflammation suggests that you are allergic to it. Only when your skin is not allergic to ACV, you can apply it directly on your skin. But if it is too strong for your acne ridden skin, mix it with water. Start from mild ratio of 5:1 and increase it as your skin develops affinity towards it.

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