The Glory of Contemplation (Chintan)

Our mind keeps thinking about something or the other continuously. The chain of thoughts keep going on & on. These thoughts keep on adding more & more marks of samskar (consequences of good or bad actions done in this life & in all previous lives) on the subtle mind.

The already existing marks of samskar get completely healed, if one contemplates on 'Aham Brahmasmi' or 'So-ham' (I'm that {Brahma} which is the basis of everything). The dirty marks of affinity & hatred present in the subconscious mind get washed away gradually by contemplating on this Truth.

Peace of mind is lost when one thinks of bad thoughts. Bliss is experienced when one thinks of good things. Then why should one let the bad thoughts enter his mind? Sad thoughts add to sadness. Sinful thoughts add to sins. Worries increase as one thinks of worries. This is my experience, your experience & everybody's experience. If it is not so, then with the grace of God you will soon experience the same.

Happiness disappears when one is surrounded by greed & material attractions. The passion for collecting desired objects will be developed when greed takes its roots -greed for money, greed for collecting objects, greed for getting respect, greed for making the physical body attractive. Greed makes the mind lose its purity. The basic nature of the subconscious mind is to feel happy & fearless. When this basic nature starts disappearing, then the thorns of disturbed peace of mind start budding. Man keeps getting dragged away & away from his basic nature.

There is no such seed which does not have infinite number of trees hidden inside it. The chances of germination of millions of trees are lying dormant in the small seed. The traditions of infinite number of Jiva is embedded in a single Jiva.

If you leave the root & catch hold of the branches & leaves, then you'll be dragged in to the endless world. If you leave the branches & leaves and catch hold of the root, then you shall find all in one, you shall move towards your real nature, you shall get natural happiness & peace. Contemplation on 'Shivo-ham', 'Aham Brahmasmi' or 'So-ham' (I'm that {Brahma, Shiva} which is the basis of everything) is very helpful in order to move towards your roots.

There are four types of beliefs:
1) I'm born out of my mother & father and my identity spreads from the toe to head.
2) I'm different in all objects & my nature is very subtle.
3) I'm present in every visible object of this world.
4) I and the whole world have infinite form as the sky.

Out of the four beliefs, the first one leads to bondage, unhappiness & entangles one in the vicious cycle of life & death. It is good to get this belief out of mind as soon as possible. The other three beliefs lead to salvation. By making spiritual progress, an aspirant should move from the second belief to the third one, & then from the third to the fourth, where he would be placed in the ultimate destination of supremeness.

'Earth -Place for the Brave'

This earth is for the brave & not for the cowardice & escapist. Strength is life. Having strength does not mean that one keeps fighting with every other person. To keep confronting with people or to fall into arguments does not denote strength. Strength means staying balanced in all cicumstances -the mind keeping balance, patience & faith in any situation. Such a balance of mind, that takes one to the door opening towards God, denotes real bravery.

There is no loss in fighting a battle with balanced state of mind & there is no benefit in worshipping in a room with differences in mind. Nothing compares to the value of equanimity. Spiritual practices, meditation & prayers are a means to reach this state of equanimity.

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