Why Postpone Self-Happiness?

The consequences of any kind of work does not last forever. Neither the fruits of divine action nor that of sins are ever-lasting. The fruits of true knowledge & self-realization alone have always existed & will exist forever (Shashvat). Nothing else is ever-existing.

The fruits of divine action are happiness & comfort which are over once the person goes through these pleasures. The consequences of sins are sadness & grief which also do not last & get over once they are endured through. Therefore the Shastras say: 'The heart is purified by surrendering the results of divine action to God. The desire to attain the pure form of God is born in the pure heart. The words of the Vedanta can be digested only when this desire to realize the pure form gets awakened.'

Somebody did a particular job, when one knows this fact, it is a social truth & not the Absolute Truth. The Absolute Truth is independent of any person & his personality. Infinite number of persons & galaxies appear from & disappear into this Absolute Truth. Even then this Absolute Truth remains unchanged, it does not increase or decrease by even a millionth of an inch. The purpose of this human birth is to realize this Absolute Truth.

Until one has the aim to attain this kind of divine knowledge, the mind will get entangled in one or the other state. The state may be good or bad. Where there is something good, there shall be something bad also. Goodness is better that evilness. But the truth is that things appear to be good or bad only when one assumes the 'I' to be the body, mind & subconscious. We do not know the 'Real I' therfore, we make a 'New I' in each birth. We decorate this 'New I' in every life. And then this 'I' faces death in the end of each life .

Until the desire to know the 'Real I' is not awakened, we keep wasting our life by taking care of & decorating this 'Assumed I'. Sometimes the 'Assumed I' will be praised, & at other times it will be criticized. Sometimes the 'Assumed I' will be healthy & at other times unwell. Sometimes the 'Assumed I' will be innocent & at other times criminal, sometimes it will fall for sensual attractions & at other times it will be free of any desires. This 'Assumed I' will keep wavering, pushing through life, & in the end it will die in the burial ground. Then a new 'Assumed I' will be created in next life. Thus until one attains the knowledge of the 'Real I', this painful cycle of life & death keeps going on & on... Therefore it is said in Bhagvad Geeta:
'There is nothing more purifying in nature as True Knowlege.'

One can become free of this bondage of life & death only after one has realized his Real-Self. Otherwise in the spiritual journey, one reaches to higher state from a lower state, & then from the higher state to a still higher state... Happiness or sadness of these states is experienced by the subconscious mind, the Real-self is beyond that.

Happiness of being in a particular state is felt when one thinks of himself as the body, but realization of 'Absolute Truth' happens only when one forgets his union with body & becomes one with God, and then he experiences the Real Happiness. On becoming one with body, temporary material pleasures are experienced, which drain out energy & make one weak. When one becomes one with God, the glimpses of 'Absolute Happiness' are experienced for the duration the 'Assumed I' is forgotten. May be by devotion (Bhakti) or Yoga or philosophy (Tatva Vichar), whenever the 'Assumed I" is forgotton & one is in union with God, then glimpses of the Supreme Happiness are experienced. Again when the "Assumed I' is remebered, then one steps down from this state of Pure Happiness.

The more is one interested in sensual & material pleasures and attracted to the external world, the more will he be mean & petty. No matter how successful we may appear to the external world, but the more do we get attracted to & are greedy for material pleasures, the more will our life be petty & slave-like. As we keep developing more & more knowledge & understanding towards divine bliss, our life will keep becoming more & more meaningful & progressive.

It is not difficult to attain a high state in life. But still is is quite difficult.

I've heard a story. On the day of marriage, the bridegroom reached the house of his in-laws & the mother-in-law made preparations to put Tilak (a mark with sandalwood or kum-kum etc. as a welcoming gesture) on his forehead. All of a sudden a group of Naga Sadhus came to their house. It is an old story & those people were illiterate. The Nagas had awkward behaviour. They inquired what was going on & when they came to know about the Tilak, they said even they want the same thing. One Naga pushed the bridegrroom to a side & sat in his place. When he was through with the Tilak, the other Naga pushed him aside & sat in his place. Thus, one by one each Naga kept taking the place of the other. The poor bridegroom remained seated in the corner of the room. The marriage ceremony was delayed...

Similarly, the SatGuru (Self-Realized Guru) Who makes Jiva (the subtle body which is the cause of life in the physical body) meet God, is ready to put the Tilak of true knowledge on the Jiva, but the desires for material pleasures present in the Jiva forcefully take its place. 'Let this desire be fulfilled... Let that desire be fulfilled... !' The poor Jiva keeps waiting for the desires to get completely fulfilled...

The group of Naga Sadhus would have still left the marriage ceremony, but our petty desires & tendencies have not left us till date. That is why the process of the union of Jiva-Brahma (Brahma is the one supreme soul which exist everywhere) is getting delayed. That bridegroom must have waited for a night or so but thousands of people like us have been troubled by thoughts, tendencies & desires for ages now. So now please give these up...

'Let this get completed... Let that get completed... Then I'll comfortably worship God with full devotion.' You do not know that you are giving more importance to the world than to worshipping & spiritual practices. You do not know the importance of meditation & prayers yet. Why don't you know that? This is because those thoughts & desires have blocked your vision.

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